Group Bookings

How do I book a tour for my group/conference/zombie horde?

It is possible to book a special group tour on Friday or Saturday, or any date or time outside of the regular season (weather permitting). We are flexible in terms of dates, and generally arrange bookings after 7pm. We prefer to run in the dark (it is much spookier!). We do book up quickly around Hallowe’en and during the busy summer months, so please give us plenty of advance warning. We can accommodate any size group but should note that the Hike is not wheelchair accessible, and is suitable for children ages 8 and up. The Hike lasts approximately an hour and a quarter, starting from the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Church Hill, St. John’s.

What is the fee?

To book a group tour, there is a basic start charge of $400, regardless of the size of the group, plus $10.00 for every person over 40 people. Half of the basic charge ($200) must be made as a non-refundable deposit payable 2 weeks in advance of the tour, with cheque or money order made payable to “Dale Jarvis”. If a deposit is not made two weeks in advance, no tour will be booked. The deposit will be subtracted from the $400 minimum charge.

Do you accept electronic payment?

We can accept email money transfers and paypal payments. Enquire when booking.

$400 is a lot for our group, are there other options?

During its regular summer season, the Hike runs Sunday to Thursday nights, and if you want to come on one of those nights, you don’t need to book in advance.  The cost is $10.00 per person. We have two tour guides, so if we get a large group showing up on one of those Sunday to Thursday nights, we simply divide the group into two smaller groups, one half per guide. If you are planning on bringing a large group (say 30 or more) on a standard running night, please email ahead and let us know so that more than one tour guide will be there.

How do I go about making a booking?

If you wish to book a group tour, or need more information, please feel free to email the Reverend’s long-suffering manservant, Dale Jarvis If he does not reply to your enquiry immediately, it probably has something to do with the full moon.

Weather Cancellation Policy

“Happy is the corpse that the rain falls on.” – English proverb

Weather in Newfoundland is unpredictable, and our tours go ahead rain or shine, drizzle or fog. If you book a group tour, be prepared to dress accordingly on the day of the tour. Refunds on deposits will not be given. In the case of extreme weather or weather warnings, we reserve the right to cancel any tour, at our discretion. Should your tour be canceled from our end, a raincheck will be issued for you to use within one calendar year when rescheduling.